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For daily flight deals and sales to Africa Call 619 255 5530
Wikilina or the Ethiopian Power of Attorney

Entertainment and Postal Services' phone numbers Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Entertainment and Postal Services' phone numbers

Cinemas/Theatre/Cultural Centers Phone Numbers
Alem Cinema 0116636717
Ambassador Theatre 0115537637
Cinema Ethiopia 0111129405
Ethiopia National Theatre 0115158225
Cinema Agona 0114661763
Cinema Empire 0111570467
Hagar fikir Theatre 0111110644
Mega Amphi Theatre 0111118084
Ras Theatre 0112751060

Addis Ababa City Hall 0111112516
Allience Ethio-Francise 0111550213
Goethe Institute 0111552888
Russian Center for science and Culture 0111551343
The British Council 0111550022
Italian Cultural institutes 0111113655
 Postal Services Phone Numbers
DHL World Wide Express 0116621600
EMS(Express Mail Service) 0115512072
Ethiopian Portal Service 0115515011

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