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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Let me confess, I love Ethiopian movies and I missed them a lot because I did not watch all the movies before
For years I was one of those people tired of seeing Ethiopian movies which badly imitating Western movies. I was the number one advocate to see an Ethiopian Original theme and story telling movie which is based on our own reach culture. Now my dream come true and I have watched several movies made by Ethiopians for Ethiopians. For me it was a wow moment where I have watched more than five Ethiopian movies a day. Imagine in an average one Ethiopian movie will take 1:45 Mnts. That means I have spent 5 - 8 hours gluing my self to the TV set. I loved it. I just want to say thank you all of the men and women who are working in front of the camera and behind the camera who have been working tirelessly to give us such wonderful movies. Yes I applaud for this dedication and hard work for giving us quality time which help us to discover our root.

But I don't want to leave with out adding few feedback for all Ethiopian movie makes or people in the movie industry. I see lots of similarities in most movies like the opening seen in most Ethiopians movies is an Addis Ababa road, you will see a bear drinking guy or girl, a bar, a disco night club, beautiful girl, a poor good looking guy, a diaspora with broken English, a middle age wealthy dude, an Addis Ababa police officer, a poor mother, a wedding or funeral. All these in Addis Ababa. if the movie is some kind of Balager AKA countryside you see a Woloye or Gojame, a reach uncle, a hooker or resort,

In general 99.99% of Ethiopian movies can be categorized as romantic genera. Come on, were are other genera such as mystery,documentary,Comedy,History, Biography, Crime , Fantasy , Musical, Sci-Fi, , Thriller , War,Horror or Action. I see lots of copying duplicating and mimicking each other. Yes we need to see more works and we need to see diverse works. Also most actors and actresses are concentrated from one region or from Addis. Well, we are creating a min Hollywood in our Addis or BoleWood. Bring more new faces and discover talent from other parts of Ethiopia. If you don't do that now the Ethiopian movie will have one face and one genera.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Saturday, March 5, 2016

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Breaking News: Indonesian Jets Force Ethiopian Cargo Plane to Land Over Airspace Breach

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