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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ET-702 co-pilot has a family of geniuses

The world has very little knowledge about the Ethiopian Flight ET-702 pilot. But after listening the interview with his mother it is  hard to pass by  without posting this blog.  Now a days every body knows how hard is raising kids. Most parents are struggling to raise few kids mostly 1-3 kids and doing their best to give the bright future for their kids. In most cases to raise a kid/s all parents are working full time, means most kids are forced to raise almost with out the presence of their parents in day time.

But the family of ET-702 co-pliot is exceptional and has a dozen of geniuses. He has total of 11 siblings means 12 total kids including him. Yes it is not unusual to have a large family in Africa but what makes his family very exceptional is all of them are alive and successful, in short they have very high IQ. From 12 kids 11 of them are engineers and doctors. What makes this story so unique is the mother does not have any education and the father has only 8th grade of education.

This is unthinkable and very hard to imagine even in the developed western world where resources and opportunities are available. We think the world has a lot to learn from this family. We know it is unfortunate the Ethiopian ET-702 co-pilot did what he did, but his family is one of few exceptional not only in Ethiopia but around the world.

His parents are a role model for  all parents in the world. They are best example for parenting, God fearing,  celibacy, commitment and sacrifices. The parents are natural born smarts who use their life time experience to build a family who are successful and productive part of the society.

We salute the mother and father of flight ET-702 co pilot Ato Abera Tegegen and Mrs. Yezbakem Zeyum .


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