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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why the wait?

Last time someone told me one  of elected officials from  Ethiopia who represents the largest Ethiopian ethnic groups "The Amharas" was insulting and making fun of his own constituencies  and that ugly comment was cough on tape and went  to public via social media. In many counties, if  an elected official making  a joke on his own district, it will be a political suicide. But in Ethiopia the politicians were  just watching when people  are looking for an answer. Later he came back with one of the lamest excuse I ever heard in my life. He blamed the technology. He said the voice is his own but the sentences are not his own. Mean,s he is saying someone purposely edited, mastered and mixed his voice (rearranged) and created a new sentences and played it over the internet. Now he is making another mistake, now he is saying his own people as damp.

Come on, this is not how you run a country, this is not a kids game, You can foul may be few people who are illiterate and afraid of saying any thing but do not try to foul 20,000,000 people. That is really very sad the federal government is watching when people's dignity is just abused by elected officials. The person should come foreword and ask mercy and excuse from  the victims. But fabricating  so called  nonsense reason will make things more complected and ugly.

I hope he will admit his dumb mistakes and ask mercy  from the people, also  his party should toss  him out in the street. Take away his shoes and let him walk bare feet..

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