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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

ስፖርት: የዚምባዌው ቄስ ሊቭርፑልን የማሸነፍ ሁኔታ በተመለከተ የ$1.5 ሚሊዮን ዶላር ክስ መሰረቱ

ቄሱ እንዳለው ሊቭርፑል ካላሸነፈ የእኔ ስም ይጠፋል በሚል ስጋት ነው።
A Zimbabwean prophet has launched a $1.5 million legal claim against a South African sports broadcaster after it claimed he had predicted that Liverpool would win this season's English Premier League, it was reported on Wednesday.

Despite the fact that Liverpool are currently second in the league with just 10 games to play, Spirit Embassy Church leader, Uebert Angel, denies ever making the claim.

He says his reputation will be damaged if they do not win the title.

"The plaintiff claims the sum of $1,500,000 considering his character and stature as a prophet with great following... who is respected the world over by religious, social and political leaders," stated the summons filed in Harare High Court.

He says he is entitled to compensation as it would be "difficult to rehabilitate completely a reputation even if it is proved in court that the statement was misguided...".

Angel said that Johannesburg-based Supersport published the story on its website last December.

The prediction, as published on www.supersport.com, was headlined: "Zimbabwean prophet predicts Liverpool to win title."

The Herald newspaper, quoted the Angel as saying: "Liverpool, I am with you this year and God has shown me he is returning you to your glory days."

SuperSport broadcasts live English Premier League matches in several African countries.

The league enjoys a big following, where fans place bets and congregate at bars to follow their teams.

Although Liverpool have won 18 league titles, the last of these was in 1990.


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