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Sunday, March 16, 2014

የአሰልጣኝ ሰውነት ቢሻውን ቦታ ለመንጥቅ ከ27 በላይ አመልካቾች ለኔ ይገባኛል ማመልከቻ አስገቡ ተባለ።

የአሰልጣኝ ሰውነት ቢሻውን ቦታ ለመንጥቅ ከ በላይ አመልካቾች ለኔ ይገባኛል ማመልከቻ አስገቡ ተባለ።አሰልጣኝ ሰውነት ቢሻውን መተካት ያው ከባድ ነገር ቢሆንም እሳቸውን ቦታ ለመተካት ግን ሁሉም አስፍስፎ እየጠበቀ ነው። ፌድሬሽኑ ያወጣውን መመዘኛ አሟላለሁ ብለው ማምልከቻ ካቀረቡት መካከል ሁለቱ አመልክቾች ከ  ውበቱ አባተና ዮሃንስ ተ አሰማ  ከኢትዮጵያ ሲሆኑ ሌሎች ግን ከተለያዩ የአለማችን ማእዘና  እንደሆኑ ምንጮች ይጠቁማሉ::  በእኔ አመለካከት ያው አሰልጣኝ የሚለውን ቦታ ሌላ ሰው የተካዋል እንጂ አሰልጣኝ ሰውነት ቢሻውን መተካት አይቻልም ምክንያቱን አንድ ብቻ ናቸውና::
Twenty seven coaches from around the world have sent applications for the Ethiopian coaching position left vacant after the sacking of Sewnet Bishaw in early February.
The deadline for the application was last Friday after the Ethiopian Football Federation(EFF) released a criteria for the coaches to use during the rigorous application process that took a fortnight.
Only two Ethiopians namely Wubetu Abate and Yohannes Tesema applied for the top position which saw two Italians, two Serbians, two Dutchmen and two Argentinians send their CVs. EFF President Junedin Basha intimated to supersport.com that the federation had embarked on the process of shortlisting the candidates to find the suitable person.
"We are happy with the interest shown for the vacant Ethiopian job that has seen over 27 applicants. The process of receiving applications is now closed and the Eff will immediately embark on shortlisting the coaches so that we can narrow down to the best and eventually appointed the best from the group," Junedin told supersport.com.
Among the coaches who have applied include Wubetu Abate and Yohannes Tesema(Ethiopia), Diego Garzito and Fabio Lopez(Italy), Deselegn Girma and Lars Olof Matsen(Sweden), Bonfrere Jonanes and Ernie Brandts(Netherlands), Stevanovic Goran and Ljubo Petrovic (Serbia), Lordon Stoykoc(Bulgaria), Stephen Constatine , Carlos Cavasano and Roberto Rodrigo(Argentina).
Other are; Hans Michel(Germany), Mariano Jeromino and Zoran Filipovic ([Portugal), Tom Saintfiet (Belgium), Soares Do Espinto and Claudio Roberto Silvera(Brazil), Jose Manuel Gomez (Spain), Mehmet Tayfun Turkment (Turkey),Mark Hamson, Dorian Marin (Romania) and Vladimir Sliskovic(French/Bosnia).

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