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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

የሰው መግደያው መርዝ እጥረት ምክንያት ሞት ፍርድ የተፈረደባቸው 2 እስrኞች የመሞቻ ቀናቸው ተራዘመ

የሰው መግደያው መርዝ  እጥረት ምክንያት ሞት ፍርድ የተፈረደባቸው 2 እስረኞች የመሞቻ ቀናቸው ተራዘመ:: ወይ  የእግዜር ስራ?
An Oklahoma court has rescheduled executions so that state prison officials have more time to find a supply of lethal drugs. While two inmates had sued, challenging Oklahoma’s execution procedures, the Court of Criminal Appeals declared on Tuesday that their request for a stay was moot because the prison system did not have enough drugs to execute them. In their brief order, the judges moved the execution of one of the inmates, Clayton Lockett, to April 22 and the one of the other, Charles Warner, to April 29. They had been set to die this week and next week. The Oklahoma attorney general’s office told the court on Monday that prison officials did not have enough doses of lethal drugs on hand and that it was unlikely they could find some in time to execute Mr. Lockett on Thursday.

የሰው መግደያ መርዝ

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