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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Is Heineken's Red Star has some kind of similarities with Ethiopian-Bedele's Teddy Afro Concert Deal

Well, if you happened to be a person who listened to an NPR radio  program which  was broadcasted on Marketplace for Wednesday, March 5, 2014 under a title  "HBO turns to rap to promote 'Game of Thrones"  by Queena Kim,  you will find a hidden relationship what Heineken was trying to do in Ethiopia.  Yep,  in that program the reporter mentioned about Heineken's marketing gimmick using young rappers to prompt its beer to young drinkers  under a marketing scheme called Red Star.

In this  program  one of the person  said " "I think in the case of Red Star, people enjoyed the good music but it didn’t necessarily convert into actually purchasing Heiniken," Goseline says. She says that’s because the music didn’t speak to the Heineken brand:"
Come on, is that what Bedele an Ethiopian beer maker owned by Haniken was trying to use Teddy Afro?
 Well, in my opinion may be some people protested Teddy Afro's deal with Bedele for other reasons but I am going to protest Teddy's deal (too late) because I don't want to see millions of drunken Ethiopian young people running around in  Ethiopian streets.  I think Teddy's decision withdrawing  from this  deal was for good. No matter who pulled out from this deal at the end  I think Teddy is the winner.  Teddy Afro should not allow such kind deals interfere with his principles. Who ever protested about Teddy's deal is not doing any dent on Teddy's pocket but with out knowing it they saved millions of Ethiopians from being addicted beer drinkers. Too bad  for Bedele but too good for the Ethiopian youth!

Teddy!  next time make sure what ever you endorse will not any ramification to your own people. 

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