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Monday, March 3, 2014

Yes! Black is Beautiful stop bleaching your skin

         Yes! Black is Beautiful stop bleaching your skin 
Years ago I heard in India some dark skin people are using a bleach to whiten their skin because several companies are refused to hire  them.  At that time I was shocked how far people are going  to get accepted by the system. Then few years ago I was watching a documentary about beauty  competition in Philippians and I was surprised how skin color plays  a major role in the competition process and watched one of the contestant borrowed money from  her poor mother to bleach her skin to be accepted by the competition. She was accepted  to competition because of her skin  was lighter but did not win the competition except she was impregnated by one of the organizers and  ended up dropping out from her school and started raising her child while living with her poor mother.

In most cases  I  always get  very angry with the system which is forcing the people to take this extreme major act which will alter their personality for life.  I know they are doing it  just to be accepted by the few narrow minded individuals    I  convinced myself that trend will not come to Africa because we are proud blacks and the majority of  our people are blacks. But,  until I saw an online advertizing trying to sell a bleach/chemical in Africa. For my  surprise  I saw an advertising posted at Facebook targeting Ethiopians because the ad was in Amharic. I was shocked and wished to locate the person or business who is selling this evil product in our country and ask him to drink that chemical . The product should  be banned in Africa and the business who is selling the product should be fined and outlawed. The product is not just washing away a skin color but  it takes away self-steam and confidence.

              Recently,  someone told me it is becoming a fashion in South Sudan, Nigeria and several African counties. They  told me those who  are using the chemical  are smelling like a burned skin (KODA). It is an irreversible action and some people are regretting what they did but unable to return to their natural color. One of the striking thing is since bleaching the whole body will cost lost money some people are doing it only the body which is exposed to outside world all the time and forced to cover the rest of unbleached body from public view. Means these people have two kind of skin color.  Some unlucky bleachers  are suffering from skin disorder resulting from a procedure administered by unskilled provider, even I heard there are some cheap products they will leave permanent scar on the client's body.  Even with this and other  high risks and a procedures people could not stop from using it.  They told me it is becoming a fashion statement  for those people (especially women) are getting a boyfriend even a husband quicker  than the dark skins. Means the society is driving the demand, but with proper education and out reach we can stop this trend from affecting more people than ever

I know those people who are  suing it  soon or later they will regret about their action. It reminds me a story I read online about one Asian husband sued his wife when she gave him three children.  In his own words he call  them "ugly ", even you can not call your own child an ugly. You may say what?  Here is the story. The guy married his dream wife,  she was so beautiful he spent lots of money to win her heart, then afterthey got married and produced two kids. But the kids  do not look  as much as he wished for. For that reason the guy went to court and won the case against his wife for having ugly kids Reason? Well his wife's look was not a natural look but a fixed look masked  by plastic sugary.  Prior to the plastic sugary her look was not that good (in her husband's eyes). Every thing he got was just a fake. That was the reason all her kids  were not looking like her present look. The same will be true for those people who are bleaching their skins. Temporarily  they may foul some people but  they will not cheat  the mother nature.

          But today, that mask was shattered and  crashed by Lupita Amondi Nyong'o. She just showed the world how black is beautiful,  how her blackness gave her a career and her blackness helped her to win one of the top prize in the entertainment world. Today she won the Oscars with out bleaching her skin. In my opinion she did not just only won the Oscars but she lifted the self steam and self-confidence of billions of black girls and boys in the world.  From now on she will be remembered as  a person who restored confidence and showed the world black is beautiful.From now on black girls and boys will not bleach their skin but they need to polish it and make it shiny like black velvet . 

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