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Friday, October 17, 2014

ይገርማል: የሳውዲ አረብያው ንጉስ ለልጁ $3,000,000 የሚያወጣ ከወርቅ የተሰራ የሽንት ቤት መቀመጫ ለሰርጓ ስጦታ ሰጣት::

King Abdullah ibn Abdilaziz of Saudi Arabia has gifted his daughter a toilet made totally of gold for her wedding in one of the most equally bizarre and extravagant gifts ever, the India Today reports.
The Saudi royal family also reportedly spent $ 3,000,000 for the unnamed daughter’s wedding gown alone. In the photo below, the flamboyant and lavish dress was supposedly designed to make her look like a pyramid.
The groom, also unnamed, is reported to have seven wives already and a total of 16 children with other women.
In Saudi Arabia, it is known tradition for marrying women to receive gold and jewelries on special occasions, especially on their wedding. It is not only the family of the bride and the groom who are expected to give such kind of gift, but friends and relatives as well.
Gold and jewelries as dowries are seen as sort of an assurance for Saudi women in case the marriage turn sour. She can sell them and start a life of her own.
So, in the case of the King’s daughter, the father decided to reward her with a very unusual, if not awkward, golden toilet. The report did not mention the cost of gift but it could be millions, which is merely peanuts to the rich Saudi royal family.
King Abdullah is said to be one of the richest royals in the world. The Forbes estimated his family’s wealth to be around US $21 billion in 2011. The magazine also named him as one of the “Most Powerful People in the World”, ranking seventh in 2012. He is widely recognized as one of the most influential Muslims, among 500 Muslims, in the past 4 years.

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