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Friday, October 17, 2014

ኢትዮጵያዊቷ የአለምን ክብረ ወሰን ሰበረች

እንግዲህ ፈረንጅ ይህንን አዬ/ች እሷን እበልጥ ብሎ/ብላ ከንፈሩን/ሯን ተዝርጥጦ/ ጣ ማለቁ /ቋ ነው።

Woman Discovered In Ethiopia With World's Largest "Lip Disk"

The woman with a lip disc as big as her HEAD: Australian filmmakers discover Ethiopian with world's biggest facial adornment... and she even has other villagers stunned

This month, an Australian film crew led by cinematographer Abrahem Joffe was filming in southern Ethiopia
They stumbled upon Ataye Eligidagne, 20, who has the largest lip disc in the world
The hardened clay disc is 59.5 cm in circumference and 19.5 cm in diameter
The discs are a tradition dating back further than 1896, and a way of attracting a husband
The Ethiopian government has taken measures to ban the discs

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