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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

EBOLA Hotel? Yes, EBOLA is a name of river

Most people fear the word  EBOLA  because they think it is some kind of abbreviation for a medical term for virus or disease  like HIV or AIDS. But the truth is Ebola is a name of river in Africa and the disease took its name from this river because it was discovered near Ebola river in 1976. Yes -1976! If scientists had some interest at that time, they could create a vaccine long time ago, however there is no big money the drug companies  could be make from Ebola back then and they just put it in the back-burner until there is a demand. Means, Ebola could be eradicated years ago if someone gave it enough attention.

Now, look everyone is scarred not only the disease but also the world Ebola. So next time if you hear anyone saying "I am  from Ebola"  please do not assume that person has an Ebola. Let us put it this way, it is like someone named a disease after Pacific or Atlantic Ocean, do you scare the  Atlantic Hotel or Pacific Sushi Bar? I guess not. But here in America people will force the scientists not to call a disease after a landmark or place,  because it will stigmatize their city and will hurt the local economy. But in Africa who cares. They can call anything what ever they want, after all almost all scientists are not from Africa and it is not their concern if any place, city, river, or country  is named as a disease.  Few names associated with a disease are:- Ebola, West Nile Virus, African Fever and several others. But you never hear any good products named after African, the irony is even they found it from Africa. Have you ever heard a product named like an African Coffee, African Diamond, Africa Gold, African Oil, Africa Chocolate, Africa Fur, African Honey or other, almost none. But, you may hear Belgium Chocolate, Italian Roasted Coffee, French Wine, Pure European Fur and so on. So name is nothing and virus or other organism could come from anywhere. 

So by chance if you go to the Ebola Hotel in Addis, just relax and enjoy! it is not named after the disease Ebola but something else.

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