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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Breaking News. ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ በአፋር ክልል መጠኑ አነስተኛ የሆነ የመሬት መንቀጥቀጥ ደረሰ/M4.6 - 27km ESE of Asaita, Ethiopia

Event Time

  1. 2014-12-13 22:37:18 UTC
  2. 2014-12-14 01:37:18 UTC+03:00 at epicenter
  3. 2014-12-13 14:37:18 UTC-08:00 system time


11.451°N 41.669°E depth=12.6km (7.8mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 27km (17mi) ESE of Asaita, Ethiopia
  2. 71km (44mi) ESE of Dubti, Ethiopia
  3. 85km (53mi) WNW of Dikhil, Djibouti
  4. 118km (73mi) WNW of `Ali Sabieh, Djibouti
  5. 161km (100mi) W of Djibouti, Djibouti

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