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Monday, December 15, 2014

EAE Concluded Three Contracts for Airports Construction

Ethiopian Airports Enterprise (EAE) is going to construct three new airports in different cities of Ethiopia; Hawassa, Shire and Robe Goba.
The contract was concluded on Friday, December 12, 2014, between CEO of EAE and the representatives of the three selected local construction firms; Yohannes Teklay,
CEO of Yotek Construction; Melese Mamo, Construction Department GM of Akir Construction and Amenti Dadi, deputy GM of Ethiopian Road Construction Corporation (ERCC).
Yotek is going to construct the Hawassa Airport while Robe Goba’s and Shire’s airports are assigned to Akir and ERCC respectively. Yotek agreed to undertake the construction at a fee of 457,350,361.93 Birr and Akir will do the job for a 494, 846, 771.58 Birr fee. The State owned ERCC agreed for a sum of 417,584,266.89 Birr.
Tewodros noted the projects are scheduled to be delivered by two and a half years time. The completion of these airports is expected to play a vital role in providing services since the areas are business as well as tourism destinations, he furthered.
Civil works of the projects is expected to start this week along with the construction of the runway, which actually is the first phase of the project. Then comes the construction of the terminals of Hawassa and Robe Goba by the end of this year. Shire’s terminal construction will commence next year.
Currently EAE runs and owns 19 airports across Ethiopia. It aims to increase this figure which is in line with the aims of Ethiopian Airlines. It was recently the Enterprise inaugurated Assosa as well as Jimma airports.
Source: The Reporter

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