Man accused of murdering D.C. corrections official was 'angry at the world'

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WJLA) - New details emerged during a court hearing Monday in the case of an Alexandria man accused of killing a high-ranking District of Columbia corrections official. Dawit Seyoum, 29, is charged with first-degree murder in the September killing of 64-year-old Carolyn Cross, the deputy director of operations for the Department of Corrections, in her Alexandria apartment. Police said Seyoum, who lived across the street from Cross, confessed during a series of interviews with detectives following his arrest. In court Monday, a detective testified that Seyoum told him that he hit the victim twice with a socket wrench and then put a plastic bag over her head and sealed it with duct tape. As for a motive in the attack, police said Seyoum told them he heard voices and was "angry at work, angry at the world." Authorities said the two did not know each other previously, but Seyoum told police he had seen Cross on previous occasions. Police testified that Seyoum returned to his own apartment following the killing, and hours later attempted suicide by slashing his wrists with a razor. Investigators found the statement "I was the dirty one" written in blood on his bathroom wall. Outside court after the hearing, public defender Melinda Douglas said it was too early to say if Seyoum might pursue an insanity defense. Read more: Follow us: @ABC7News on Twitter | WJLATV on Facebook


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