Teddy Afro's Helsinki, Finland concert for Dec 6, 2014 cancellation was confirmed by his promoter

Teddy Afro's Helsinki, Finland  concert  for Dec 6, 2014 cancellation was confirmed by his promoter. The Amharic and English press release was given by Teddy Afro's  Helsinki promoter.  The reason for  Teddy Afro's travel ban is still unknown.  Abugeda Band and his  manager  from US had arrived in Finland as scheduled but Teddy Afro's passport was confiscated at the last minute and forced the promoter to canceled the show. This is not the first time Teddy Afro is head to head to Ethiopian authorities, in the past Teddy was accused of  hit-and-run and was sentenced few months in jail and later released. Later Teddy cleared his  name. Recently there were rumors Teddy Afro once avian head on with Ethiopian laws for tax related issues. At this time there is no a clear news for the main reason for his travel ban from Ethiopia. Most fans suspect it could be poetically motivated because there will be a general election in few months.   


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