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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ሞዛምብክ ውስጥ በአዞ አሞት የተመረዘ ቢራ ጠጥተው 69 ሰዎች ሞቱ።

ሞዛምብክ ውስጥ በአዞ አሞት የተመረዘ ቢራ ጠጥተው 69 ሰዎች  ሞቱ።

ወይ የ አፍሪካ! ህዝብ መሞቻው መብዛቱ። የኢቦላው ጋብ አለ ሲል ደግሞ የአዞው ተተካ። ለሁሉም ዝርዝሩን አንብቡት። "አሁንስ ደከመኝ አለች..."

Beer poisoned with crocodile bile kills 72 in Mozambique

The death toll continues to rise in Mozambique after people fell ill from drinking contaminated beer at a funeral over the weekend. Seventy-two people have died from drinking the contaminated beer and 35 people remain hospitalized as of Tuesday according Paula Bernardo, director of health, women and social welfare in the northeastern Tete province, according to the Associated Press. Originally 196 people were admitted to the hospital after drinking the home-brewed beer called Phombe on Friday. The traditional beer is brewed with millet or corn flour. Officials believe the beer was poisoned with crocodile bile, according to the AP. Currently, police have no leads, police spokesman Zeferino Sande told Radio Mozambique, the AP reported. Blood and beer samples were sent to the capital of Maputo to be tested, provincial health director Carle Mosse said, according to the AP. Police say the barrel the beer was originally brewed in has disappeared, complicating the investigation. Mozambique President Armando Guebuza declared three days of national mourning following the incident.


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