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Monday, January 12, 2015

ፖሊሱን ፖሊስ ሹት ቢያደርገው እንዴት በደነቀው። ድሮ ተረት ነበር አሁን ግን የእውነት ሆነ

ፖሊሱን ፖሊስ ሹት ቢያደርገው እንዴት በደነቀው። ድሮ ተረት ነበር አሁን ግን የእውነት ሆነ

የድሮው ዋና ተረት እንዲህ ነበር
" ሌባን ሌባ ቢሰርቀው
እንዴት በደነቀው"
An undercover Albuquerque narcotics officer has been left in critical condition after being shot by another undercover Albuquerque Police Department officer in a drug bust gone awry

Officer remains in critical condition after shooting

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – An Albuquerque Police Department officer is fighting for his life after a minor drug bust went terribly wrong. Police say that undercover sting ended with a lieutenant opening fire on a fellow officer. That officer is still in critical condition and has gone through multiple surgeries.
“Those paramedics saved his life, they did everything they could to make sure he arrived here and we can’t say thank you enough to the trauma team here,” said Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden.
Saturday, officers swarmed UNM Hospital in support of one of their undercover detectives who was shot in the line of duty Friday morning by a fellow undercover cop.
“As you can imagine he’s devastated,” said Eden.
KRQE News 13 has learned Lieutenant Greg Brachle is the one who shot the undercover officer. As to why he pulled the trigger, police won’t say.
According to the criminal complaint, it all happened during an undercover drug bust.
“They were out there working this case as a result of the community outcry of the narcotics activity that was occuring in this area,” said Eden.
Police say a pair of undercover detectives, who KRQE News 13 is not naming, were inside a black car in the parking lot of a McDonald’s near Tramway and Central. One of the detectives was in the driver’s seat, the other in the back.
They had just bought $60 worth of meth from two suspects, Damien Bailey and Edmond Vester, when the officer in the driver’s seat signaled for another detective to move in.
KRQE News 13 has learned shortly after, Lt. Brachle opened fire at the car, critically wounding the detective in the back seat.
“Remember these officers are out there putting their lives on the line trying to protect our community,” said Eden.
It’s unclear if either of the suspects had a weapon. In fact, the criminal complaint doesn’t mention the shooting at all. It simply says, “both individuals were taken into custody.”
News 13 asked Chief Eden why the details were left out.
“The information is still very limited as our investigators from our multi-jurisdictional shooting task force continues to do the interviews,” he said.
Neither of the officers involved were wearing protective vests or lapel cameras because it was an undercover operation.
The two suspects, Bailey and Vester, were both arrested and are booked on a $30,000 bond. They are not facing any weapons-related charges.
During Saturday’s news conference Chief Eden said that Officer Lou Golson is recovering from a third surgery and is in good spirits. Officer Golson was shot during a traffic stop earlier this month. The suspect accused of shooting Officer Golson was arrested and is facing federal charges.



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