Califonia Call 511. When your car is brreakindown in Freeway.

Worth Sharing:
True Story.

This happened in California .

California is big. It is too big it can be a county by itself. I heard some people are thinking to break state apart into 3 parts. Today my story is not about its size or breaking it apart,  but about highway safety.  Today I was in position to call 411, 611 and 911.  For my three digit phone number phone book list also  I was able to know the use of 511. Please read this story because it may save your life.If you can share it. Here is the story

After celebrating our Timket in Los Angeles we decided to add one more day to see Los Angeles (LA) area and we spent one more  night in LA. We (the whole family ) had a wonderful time in LA. We visited Beverley Hills , Holly Wood, Little Ethiopia,  Korea Town, Down Town, Staples Center,  the Fashion Districts  and then we headed to home via  Freeway 5. Since it was kind of holiday the traffic was light, we had little bit traffic in Anaheim and Irvine area  but the rest was our drive had very nice drive. I was the driver and I was driving the fast left line. Remember the freeway is to wide it has more than 7 lines in one direction and most drivers are speeding by more than 75 MPH( Mile Per Hour)  suddenly when I was around Mission Vajio I heard a loud scratching noise under the car. I soon as I heard that noise I slowed down and  parked in the car in the left dividing line. Since I was in the far side and can not move the car the the far right.
I thought I had flat tire. I pulled over the car to the left and turn on my emergency light. Since I heard very bad traffic accidents happened to my own friends in the past I remain calm in the car and I did the following.

First I don't want call police and want to call non-emergency phone line. Since I was in the middle of freeway I did not know where I was parked. So, I called 411 (directory) they gave me the High Way Patrol (CHP) number. But it was press one and press two thing. They I hung up and decided to call 911. They asked me where I was. Since I was in the middle of freeway I did not have any idea what  exit I was. Luckily  I had my GPS and I was able to pin point my exact location, while I was talking to the 911 operator a tow truck showed up from no where.
Remember, we were parked in the shoulder of the freeway (left side) every car was driving 80+ per hour. Th two truck driver backed up slowly and the driver came with flash light. Oh, forgot this, it was night time. The driver checked my car and said the car is Ok. I told him I heard loud noise and I fee like I had a flat tire.

He then checked under the car and found a piece of long wire. He said " That was the problem" but  he told me we had a problem on the tire Then he become our shield and I drove the car to the nearest gas station .

Then he came and showed me that piece of wire was from my tire. Then he asked me if I have spare tire and I said yes. But before he started working on the car I just asked. I have this "Road Hazard!" insurance and want to know how much it will be to change the tire. He said his service is Free!
I could not believed my ears and asked him for the second time " how much?" he said "FREE" this time my heartbeat was stabilizing. Then he started the job. He took out the spare tire and replaced the old tire. He check the air pressure for all  tires.

I asked him how he showed up there. He said he was going to home after end of his work shift and saw out car from the opposite side  the free way and he made a  turn just to help us. He was a nice person. I asked him " Who is paying for his service?"
He said his company has a contact from the state and that will be where he will get the money . Latter he told us next time to call 511 when we have a highway emergency. I promised I will share the story with my  family and friends. He gave me a brochure and I asked  him to give me more and will give it too all friends. That is why you are reading my story.

By the way the tow track driver name was  Chris. I told his you are Christian and he said  "That is my name!"
He was a true christian. I think every county should have the 511 service



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