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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

እንቆቅልሽ or Riddles by Fasil Demoz

እንቆቅልሽ or Riddles by Fasil Demoz

One day I was sipping my coffee at Vision Cafe when Tesfahun was holding a poster and several CDs, I asked him what was that and he said it is a new album by Fasil Demoz. I told him  he can put few in my office. Reason? Well I want to contribute to the growth of Ethiopian music, at least that was something I can help. I believe that was what we should do to support this hard working Ethiopian artists. Remember it takes lots of money and sweet to bring one CD to your ear. I know because I have helped several Ethiopian artists. From concept to completion it is a long process. Sometimes it is a life long journey. So I took some of the CDs and displayed them in my store. For my dismay nobody even asked me how much was the CD. Shame:-( Then Tesfahun came one day to collect the CDs and money. Well I sold few on the same day he came and I decided to keep two copies for myself (ORIGINAL).

This happened several months ago. I am not regular music listener. I prefer radio and my kids are not happy about it. When ever we are in the car we fight for the radio channel. They want to listen local radio music channel and I want to listen my favorite NPR news. Since I am the "DAD" and have almost full power in my car and we all listen to the world news BBC.  In my car I have few CDs. The most played one is a Mezmur by Zerfe Kebede . We have two of her CDs and then my new CD by Fasil Demoz. It is a joule of  Ethiopian traditional music.

My kids can  understand few words from Fasil Demoz's album but they know the beats. I see reaction. Now his CD became my only station in my the car. Can you believe we listen Fasil for almost several months non stop? It looks like the  album is made for  the California Highway or Freeway.  Last time we were  driving from San Diego to Los Angeles for 2 hours ((almost 200 KM)) Fasil   was with us. The same when we were  returning from Los Angeles to San Diego. When his songs are playing the road feels smooth and it makes you drive faster and faster until on day our tire went flat in the express way.

From all his songs I have few favorite once. The #8 song is my all time favorite. Reason? It is a  reminder of my childhood life in Debre Markos during Timket. It is called ቻቻ አረፈረፈች. Who ever gave him the lyrics for this song is from my place. It is so beautifully composed when I listen to it I travel by time line way back several years to my hometown. I hope I will not get any traffic  ticket for driving faster or just not moving at all. What a wonderful piece of art.

Yesterday I was just listening to the CD and  I gave extra attention to the lyrics to his song entitled  እንቆቅልሽ or Riddles. This song is the first to play  in his album and even he named the album after this song(እንቆቅልሽ or Riddles). Well, it was so beautiful and it has lots of hidden but important messages. It is a song teaches us the love for our country were we can not wadge or gamble on it to anything else. It is a message trying to send Ethiopia is only one where it is scarce (only one) where we can not gamble for winning or losing.

Everyone who loves Ethiopia should listen to this song, forget about politics but   focuses only on Ethiopia. He said Ethiopia is his eye (vision) means loosing Ethiopia will be like loosing his vision, dream or life. That  is the best  strong message an artist can send for the people. Yes ! he is  right!  We can not put our country for gamble and as he said if we loose it even God will not hear our cry. Yes, the best way is keep our country safe and strong all the time.
If you listened to his songs let me ask you this riddle

"What is something goes bigger when you are going farther?"  The answer is in his album.
This CD will be part of my permanent CD collection. You should too!

Thank you!

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