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Friday, January 30, 2015

South Africans should be the last people on earth to rise hands on Ethiopians (Share!)

Ethiopia and Ethiopians love South Africa and South African people. It is a true genuine feeling where you can ask any Ethiopian (more than 90 million of us) and  they will tell you in one voice about their feeling for the country and the people.  When South Africa was during the ugly apartheid era, Ethiopia and Ethiopians took the issue too personal felt the pain as their own. As Ethiopia is a symbol of freedom for the whole world, the issue of South Africa was something all Ethiopians opposed in every stage.  For example take for my case,  my visa when it was issued several years ago it was valid Except South Africa because my Ethiopia want her people to protest apartheid and we will not travel where the country who does not give equal access for its people. This was back then, it was history, it was before the eradication on apartheid. We are happy and joyful.

When the South African freedom fighters went prison, killed in freedom fighting, abused and neglected by apartheid we  Ethiopians were feeling their pain, suffering and agony. Ethiopia tried her best to bring the issue of apartheid  to the global stage in ample occasions . Ethiopians  such as King Haile Sillasse I and the father of Confederation  African Football Mr. Yedinekachew Tessema did their best to stop apartheid. The South African apartheid government was banned from AU and CAF . That did not happened by accident  or over night but it was a result of fight for end of apartheid and  because true and genuine love for of the people of South African people.

Even the father of South Africa,  Nilson Mandel said it. Yes, Ethiopia was a free county  who is also fighting for the freedom of other Africans. Yes! Our father Mandel was in Ethiopia to be trained to fight apartheid . Yes he was our ROYAL guest.

Now thank you God South Africa is free and our South African brothers and sisters are free. I know always there are bad apples in the whole crowd. Those bad apples should not deter our love for South Africa and South African people. Remember there could be few thousands of Ethiopians in South Africa but there are  more than 90+ millions Ethiopian all over the world who love South Africa as their own. Take a note here, those 90+ millions Ethiopians   never been in South Africa and will not be in South Africa but we love you all it is not because you have gold or diamond but because you are one of us. We love you when you did not have any thing, that means we are genuine.  

We think South Africa's progress and success as our own. We love you and love us back. South Africans should be the last people on earth to rise their hands on Ethiopians, that will be awkward.


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