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Friday, February 20, 2015


MTS/City of San Diego Permit Applicant Fact Sheet

Note: Prospective applicants should complete and submit (via US Mail) a MTS/City of San Diego Taxicab Permit Applicant Interest Form in order to be given priority once applications begin to be accepted. Applicant Interest Forms will be available March 2, 2015 on the MTS Taxicab Administration website. Interest forms will be accepted through March 31, 2015.
A $50 non-refundable payment must be submitted with the interest form, and will be credited toward application fees.

New taxicab permit applications can be requested after March 31, but will not have priority if an interest form was not submitted prior to March 31. All new City of San Diego taxicab permit applicants will need to complete the requirements listed below. This is not an all-inclusive list of requirements. For more information, please refer to instructions on the application form.

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Applicant Requirements: 

• Provide evidence of at least six months experience of driving a taxicab, transportation network vehicle, charter party carrier service or similar service-oriented transportation business; or managing a demand responsive transportation service or similar service-oriented business

• Must pay all the required non-refundable fees per the MTS Fee Schedule

• Must pass a fingerprint-based criminal background check from the CA DOJ , FBI and local agencies

 • Must submit and receive approval for a business name (DBA)

 • Must provide evidence of ability to meet MTS insurance requirements ($1 million liability CSL)

 • Must provide evidence of financial ability to meet screening criteria and regulatory requirements

 • Must meet all other regulatory requirements for a taxicab owner specified in Ordinance 11

• Must obtain a Business Tax License from the City of San Diego, which will be required to be submitted to the Sheriff’s Licensing Division at the completion of the permit issuance process with MTS

Vehicle Requirements: 

• Must meet all regulatory and ordinance requirements
• Must meet California Air Resources Board criteria for zero emission or low-emission vehicle
• Must be equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS)
• Must not be older than ten (10) years of model age
• Must not have a “salvage” title • Must pass an initial permit issuance inspection and pass additional follow-up inspections

Adequate facilities must be demonstrated for:

• Administrative functions – to include a business office with public access, vehicle maintenance facility with address and address of off-street vehicle storage when not in service

Customer Service Plan Criteria: 
Must include acceptance of credit cards, customer complaint system and must maintain records of all calls for service, calls dispatched, trips and complaints

Note: Additional requirements may be added by regulatory action to improve industry standards, enhance customer service and implement beneficial emerging technologies.

Source MTS

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