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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

People Eat Ethiopian Food For The First Time Respond #buzfeed is making fun in my food

You are Making Big mistake!
Ethiopian Food is the KING of all foods. 
 What? Look at the girl's face how she is acting as if she is eating  a rotten snake of  an insect, but what she didn't know is she is eating one of the most healthiest food in her entire life.  I don't say this from blue. I have been in America more than her age and I have been working in restaurant industry and I have seen it all.  Most foods are not foods but killers, they are proceeded foods full of preservatives and that causes lots of health problems like obicity,  diabetics, cancer, high blood pressure, hypertension and so on . On the other hand Ethiopian food is naturally safe and prepared in biblical way. Yes, in Ethiopian food you will not get any thing you don't know but common ingredients. If you are a meat lover you will have a food prepared from Chicken, Fish,Beef, Lamb  and Goat that is it. No pork in Ethiopian food.

We do not eat any other creature. Do not believe what you watched in your discovery channel or some other crazy shows, Yes some minor tribes may eat camel meat, but you will not see that in Ethiopian restaurant. So when you eat in Ethiopian Restaurant assume you are eating a food that us accepted by doctor and God. Yes we use the biblical dietary rules. If you are a vigi Ethiopian restaurant is a place to go. If you go during lint season you will get the best vigi  menue. But in this #buzfeed video they are trying to make fun in this holy food. No, that show how much they  are not open minded in how much they are insensitive to others culture . May be they made lots of videos about other food but what they don't know is they are breaking rules and disrespecting other people's culture.        

One thing I see every day is people (non Ethiopians) who are falling in love with Ethiopian foods are well educated,  well to do, and smart people.  This is my observation. I ask my self why most of the time. The food is not expensive but the average people even do no bother to try it  but this few section of the society eager to have it. Why? Do you think Ethiopian Foods makes you smart? May be... 

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