Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania progress in World Cup qualifying

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) - Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania progressed to the second round of World Cup qualifying in Africa on Sunday.
Ethiopia overcame a surprising 1-0 loss at Sao Tome and Principe in the first leg, winning 3-0 at home for a 3-1 aggregate victory. That set up a second-round meeting with Republic of Congo
Kenya had won its first-leg match 5-2 against Mauritius last week, meaning a 0-0 draw Sunday was more than enough to take the Kenyans through. They will play Cape Verde in the second round next month.
Tanzania held on for a 2-1 aggregate win over Malawi and now faces top-ranked African team Algeria.
The three were the first of 13 lower-ranked teams who will make it to Africa’s second round. The other 10 first-round matchups will be settled Tuesday.


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