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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

ethiopia? why on earth would you go there..? Re-Blogged

ማሳሰቢያ። ሙሉውን ፅሁፍ ሳያነብ አስተያየት የሚፅፍ ደደብ ነው። ማሳሰቢያ ይህንን ፅሁፍ ሳያነቡ ማንኛውንም አስተያዬት መስጥት በጣም የተከለከለ ነው።  እባክዎ እርእሱ ሆነ ተብሎ በአሽሙር (satire)  የተፃፈ ስለሆነ ሳያነቡ አስተያዬት መስጠት የእርስዎን የማንበብ  ስልትም ሆነ ልማድ እንዲሁም እውቀት ሚዛን ውስጥ ስለሚጨምረው እንዲያው እርእሱን ብቻ አይተው አስተያዬት ቢፅፉ መሳቂያ ይሆናሉ። እኛም እርስዎን ከመሳቂያነት ለማውጣት አስተያየትዎን ወዲያው እንሰርዘዋለን። አደራ!
 "የጅብ ችኩል ቀንድ ይነክላል“ አይሁኑ እራስዎንም አያስፎግሩ

ethiopia? why on earth would you go there..?

This was the common response I received from people in Australia after telling them I was moving to Ethiopia. And it seems I’m not the only one who gets this kind of response. I’ve had some good friends from home recently visit and they too were faced with the same question. The thing is not many people know much about Ethiopia. Which led me to make the below list of things you definitely wouldn’t want to come to Ethiopia and see:
It’s not like Ethiopia knows how to make damn good coffee:
(it is the birthplace of coffee after all)
The tea is just as bad (so full of spices):
And the music scene is just so boring:
Actually the nightlife in Addis is pretty lack luster:
IMG_2005 IMG_1939
Foodwise – there’s way too much choice for a vegetarian:
And the restaurants – so common:
benabeba1 benabeba2
Then there’s the scenery – don’t get me started on the scenery – it’s clearly terrible:imagehudad1simiens2simiens4The churches are pretty standard:
And so inaccessible – they’re either carved out of rock underground or hidden in a cave at the very highest point on top of some very steep mountains:
Decorated with a few paintings here and there:church3Oh and the people don’t smile much:
kids1 boys1 couple1 girl1
The endemic animals aren’t that interesting either:
gelada gelada2ibexgeladasmates
The basket weaving needs a bit more colour:

There is nothing cool about an active volcano and bubbling lava pit:
volcanoe1 volcanoe2 volcanoe3
Or floating about on the most buoyant salt lake around:
saltlakeSulphur lakes are just so dull:
Speaking of lakes, this land locked countrys’ lakes are so uninspiring:
lake2 lake1
photo 1
Particularly the hippos that lurk about:hippo
The accommodation around the country is pretty much same same as everywhere:

accom3 accom2
And notorious for bad views:
The hiking is just as bad (so many wild flowers on the path):
trek You see such horrible things along the way:babydonkeyAnd my friends had a terrible time visiting:
AP1 group
So why on earth would you go to Ethiopia!

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