Ethiopian Airlines to add 10 to 15 long-range Boieng 777-8

Ethiopian Airlines to add 10 to 15 long-range Boieng 777-8
By Mathew Haggai -  June 8, 2016
Ethiopian Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines plans to buy between 10 and 15 Boeing 777-8s to increase the size of long-range fleet, announced the CEO of the firm, Tewolde Gebremariam, on June 2.

A Boeing 777 is considered as standard in terms of long-range large carriers. Launched in 1995, the 777 series includes six versions of which a cargo plane.

Ethiopian Airlines which currently serve close to hundred destinations worldwide plans to bring its fleet, which presently comprises 77 planes, to 140 planes by 2025, when the firm projects a turnover of more than $10 billion.

According to the International Air Transport Association, Ethiopian Airlines is presently top African firm in terms of profits and turnover. The company which is based at the Bole International airport recorded a record net profit of $165.4 million during its 2014-2015 fiscal year, up 12% from the previous year.


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