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Monday, February 19, 2018

Guess what the Movie "The Black Panther" is not based on a mythical or fictional land, but it is based on Ethiopia.

Guess what the Movie "The Black Panther" is not based on a mythical or fictional land,  but  it is based on Ethiopia.

After hearing, watching and reading about The Black Panther 's reaction from people yesterday I decided to go to the movie theater to watch it,unfortunately the 7:00PM show was sold out and they told me I had to return to the 9:15 PM show. Since I did not have that time to stay till 9PM and I decided to watch it  for some other day and left . Then,  I returned to my office and soon I got a news feed from BBC about The Black Panther , the news was a video clip from BBC Africa an  interview given by one of the cast  member Lupita Nyong'o about the movie's premiere in South Africa .

During the interview Lupita said The Black Panther is based on a "fictional" African country which is  never been colonized and has been independent  and she said her character NAKIA   is a warrior  and queen who is defending her land from invaders.

Daaa! That country  is Ethiopia and her character is an Ethiopian Queen, who is  the greatest queen of the world called   MAKIDA or  aka QUEEN OF SHEBA or some call it SHIBA.  Also I was watching in the internet some pictures from The Black Panther how the costume is influenced by African culture and some of the narratives are  African real lives. 

So the movie  "The Black Panther" is not based on a fictional or mythical land but  it is based on real country and real people.

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