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Monday, March 17, 2014

ከኦርላንዶ ወደ አትላንታ ሲብር የነበረው ዴልታ አየር መንግድ የክንፉ ሸፋን ጠፋ/Delta Plane Loses Part of Its Wing

ከኦርላንዶ ወደ አትላንታ ሲብር የነበረው ዴልታ አየር መንግድ የክንፉ ሸፋን ጠፋ

Delta Plane Loses Part of Its Wing

A Delta plane flying from Orlando to Atlanta lost part of its wing Sunday – but luckily, the flight landed without incident.
The panel came undone as Flight 2412 was in mid-air, leaving gears and wiring uncovered. As a precaution, the crew declared an emergency on approach, and the plane was towed to the gate after it landed, Delta spokesman Anthony Black told ABC News. No one was injured.
VIDEO: Delta Plane Loses Part of Wing During Flight
David Watterson, a passenger on the flight, was dozing off when he says he heard a big boom. He noticed a section of the plane's wing exposed and hydraulic fluid leaking.
"All the passengers were remarkably calm," he said. He says he did not feel any immediate danger, but it was "concerning to see a big chunk of the plane missing."
Watterson said the crew members handled the situation professionally. Officials are now inspecting the plane.


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