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Monday, March 17, 2014

ቻይና ውስጥ ከአሮጌ ቆዳ ጫማ የተሰራ ጀላቲን ሲሸጥ ተያዘ።Edible Gelatin Processed from Waste Leather Goes to Snack Companies

ቻይና ውስጥ ከአሮጌ ቆዳ ጫማ የተሰራ ጀላቲን ሲሸጥ ተያዘ።
እንደ ድረ ገ ጹ አገላለጥ ቻይና ውስጥ የተገኘው ፋብሪካ ጀላቲን የተባለውን ጣፋጭ ምግብ ሌሎች መክሰስ (snack) ለሚሰሩ ፍብሪካዎች የሚያከፋፍል እንደነበር ተዘግቧል። እንደ ድረ ገጹ አገላለጥም እርስዎም የዚህ ጫማ ቀማሽ ሳይሆኑ አይቀሩም። መልካም እድል። ዘንድሮ ያማንሆነው የለም::
China Central Television (CCTV) program has revealed that the world's largest gelatin producer, Gelita, supplies edible gelatin processed from waste leather to snack companies in China, the Beijing Times reports.
On March 15, Consumer Rights Day, a CCTV program exposed that Gelita, through its branch company in China, processes 3000 tons of waste leather into edible gelatin a year, most of which has been purchased by some large-scale Chinese snack companies, including Yake, Jinguan and Crayon.
Several other Chinese gelatin producers were also found to have purchased industrial raw material such as industrial salt, lime, soda ash and degreaser at a low price. They then used the raw material to produce the so-called edible gelatin and pharmagel, and sell the products to food and pharmaceutical factories.
During the same program, a Hangzhou-based trading companies was revealed to have changed the expiration date on many of its overdue and moldy raw food materials before selling it on to many well-known bakery enterprises including BreakTalk, Casamiel, Free Mori, and Jindian.

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