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Saturday, March 15, 2014

It is like comparing Apple Vs. Orange when you compare Ethiopian Airlines ET 702 Vs. Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370

Some reporters, analysts or experts are tying to compare the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines  Flight MH 370 with Ethiopian Airlines
ET 702.  In my opinion it will be like comparing  apple and orange. Here is why.

As you know both apple and orange have one similarity, i.e.  both have a shape that look like a ball .  But they have several differences,  like texture, test, color, density, hardness, softness,  their outer cover, seed size, the way they grow and several astronomical differences. The same for  MH 340 and ET702. First of, all we hear about  flight MH 370 is just speculations. So far no one knows what happened to flight MH 370. Let us say what the PM of Malaysia said is genuine  and true. and let us say that flight is hijacked,  still it has nothing to do with  Ethiopian Airlines flight ET702.

I am not sure if  this could be a lack of idiom or  terminology using the word "hijack/ hijacker"  for every flight which encounters an indecent . For example, In flight ET702 the co-pilot was doing every thing he could to get all the assistance to land the plane safely  despite the Swiss Air Force was  off duty and unable to grant his request for landing 3 long hours. In one point even he warned his is running out of fuel.   For any flight 3 hrs is very long. For example it takes less than 5 hrs to cross from West to East coast of America. That shows ET702 had  non stop communication with traffic controller and other entities.   One the other hand,  Flight MH 370 disappears with out trace for more than a week (still not found). The other thing when flight ET 702 was landed at Geneva airport all passengers were  very fine even some of the passengers were not aware the incident . On the other hand,  nobody has any clear idea if the passengers in MH 370 are  alive or suffering from this ordeal . We can not estimate in what trauma they are/ will be suffering from this tragidy for the rest of their life.     

Let us see the families, friends, the  entire Malaysian nation and the entire world how much we are  worrying and praying the safe discovery of MH 370. At this time several nations in the world are deploying their resources to locate MH 370.  On the other hand the ET 702 incidence was just a  few hrs news which had a happy ending. Even I am not sure the entire world was aware of about ET 702 incidence  including families and friends of the passengers until the news broke for the entire world after the whole deal was over.

So, based on the type and magnitude  of the two incidences it will be unfair and unwise to compare the two flights. I pray for the safe  return of MH370.  When that happen,  at least we can have one more common happy ending MH 370 with ET 702. Until that  time comes I believe MH 370 does not have any comparison with ET 702.


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