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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Facebook Amharic to English translation goes wild

Well, now a days most companies are trying to narrow the language gap between web site visitors from various parts of the world by offering machine translation technology as  an aid to understand the content of some topics, in most cases the machine translation works so so for Latin based languages such French, Italian , German, Spanish, Dutch and others and it tries its best for  Asian based languages such as Chinese (Simplified Chinese), Japanese and Korean languages. But when  it comes to Amharic the machine translations fails baddy. Here is the best example.

In one Facebook's video the caption reads in Amharic as  "አስቂኝ የድሮ ዳንስ"and Facebook  suggested a "translation"  to this sentence. When you click on the " See Translational" link  the whole sentence appeared as-is with out any change as "አስቂኝ የድሮ ዳንስ". This is 100% fail translation or a joke. Facebook should not suggest a "See Translation" where they can not support that particular language, the best method could be:
1. Warning the visitors  as "This language is not supported"
2. Disable "See Translation" option for this and similar languages, 
Facebook Machine translation goes wild.

Otherwise, Facebook and other companies are making a joke on more than 100 Million Amharic speakers by simply translating Amharic in to Amharic. That is is not translation but Copy & Paste.
አማርኛ እንኳን በማሽን ለሰውም አስቸጋሪ ቋንቋ ነው።

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