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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Port of Assaba sold to Sheik Alamuwdihahuhi for 2.5Billon Nakifa:የአሰብ ወደብ ለባለ ሀብት ተሸጠ

Port of Assaba sold to Sheik Alamuwdihahuhi for 2.5Billon  Nakifa

The Port of Assaba is located in the eastern African region at the coast of  Red Sea has been sold  to a private venture capitalist from Sada Araba who is known for financing and buying  mega projects though out the Arab world and Africa continent. The Oil tycoon Sheik Mohamud Al Alamuwdihahuhi was trialed by his recent purchase and promised a 10 years free port use for all Ethiopian business people who want to import agricultural products and export manufacturing products to the rest of the world. The ceremony was held at a private ship at port of Assab on Red Sea,  members of the royal families and guests were invited. 
During the ceremony the Sheik pointed out his interest to buy port of Messiwa and if the people of  Djibouti and government agrees, he wants to accurate the entire Red Sea coast including Djibouti and Somali and  will name the region Al Arabia.

This will be one of the few mega projects in Sheik’s wish list. Each region will have its own governor and   president and the late Ethiopian president Mengisitu Hailemariam may be the governing partner and president for this region.

As this news was developing source told us it is fully fabricated news and  we were  told today is April  Fools Day. See you next year

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