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Sunday, April 26, 2015

San Diego Ethiopians Remembered ISIS Victims in Ethiopian Way, i.e. both Christians and Muslims together .

San  Diego Ethiopians Remembered  ISIS Victims in Ethiopian Way, i.e. both Christians  and Muslims  together  .

One of the biggest mistake ISIS is making not knowing what they are looking for. If you are asking yourself  ISIS is killing only Christians  they are also killing Muslims, if you are asking  they killing  because they are killing people with no money and no power. They killing women, kids, Muslim and christian 
SAN DIEGO — Hundreds from San Diego’s Ethiopian community gathered in Mission Beach Sunday for a vigil to honor more than two dozen Ethiopian Christians recently killed by ISIS in Libya.
“I started shaking — I was sad, I was broken. How can you cut someone’s head off? It’s not human — you slaughtered someone,” said Milka Badebo, a participant.
Many at the vigil have loved ones in Ethiopia and are worried more will become targets because of their faith, as ISIS continues to document dramatic mass killings of Christians.
“We are Christian. We don’t believe in killing — we don’t believe in revenge. But justice has to be served,” said Teferi Teshome, a vigil organizer.
Both Christians and Muslims joined together to honor victims — and spread awareness of a growing terror threat in their home country.

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