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Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Historic Ethiopian Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Addis Ababa via Dublin, Ireland is now on sale .

The Historic Ethiopian Airlines flight  from Los Angeles to Addis Ababa via Dublin, Ireland is now on sale . Yebbo Travel and Tours is trilled by the news when we are  announcing this big deal to our loyal customers.  According to our source  there will be three flights per week leaving from LAX and three opposite inbound flights from Addis Ababa to Los Angles. The total trip time will be about 20:30 hrs. The flight will leave from Los Angeles at 11:45 PM and will arrive in Addis Ababa at 6:15 AM local time after two days. For example if the flight leaves from Los Anglese on Thursday 25 at 11:45 PM it will arrive in Addis Ababa on  Sunday 6:15 AM (Local Time). To book your flight please call YEBBO TRAVEL AND TOURS at 619 255 5530 or send your request via email info@yebbo.com

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