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Monday, May 25, 2015

Ethiopian Election the tie game

This is a taken from the 2007 Ethiopian General Election from  Debum Hizbotch administration region Hawasa Zone Pizza  No 4 polling station the result is as follows

No                     Name                              Sex             Party                   Symbol        # of votes     Rank
       1            Yiti Yeseph Sanbi                  M                  D                        Bee             646              1
       2            Amach Lidemo Lemecho     M                  D                        Bee             646              1
      3            Yemegnushal Tadesse           F                  D                        Bee              646                1
       4           Awoke Nunayet Aleme         M                 BLUE               Umbrella       111               2
      5          Elfenesh Kebede Zeleke         F                 BLUE               Umbrella          111             2
6          Ashenasfi Samule  Amare    M           BLUE               Umbrella       111           2 
      7          Neguse Yohone                        M                MEDREKE                            36               3
      8                                                          M                MEDREKE                            36               3
       9                                                        M                MEDREKE                            36               3 


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