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Monday, July 27, 2015

Obama is considering the Ethiopian Black Lions for the White House (joke of the day)

Addis Ababa July 27, 2015:  During a press conference with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne President Obama  dropped a nice joke about the black lions living in the Ethiopian national palace. This tradition dated back during  King Hailesilasse  era who used to have a domesticated black lions in his palace. Recently scientists  conformed the same lionswho are kept in Addis Ababa Zoo and the Ethiopian palace are part of  endangered animals list. Until today most Ethiopians  do not have any clue  these lions are still  alive. People see the lions in the Addis Ababa Zoo but not inside the palace.

Today thank you for  President Obama who unknowingly broke the news to the world. During King Haileselasse era those lions were the symbol of Ethiopia. Now you don't see those lions' images everywhere  . Only one place you can see the lions image is on Ethiopian Airlines planes (it used to big but now very small and unnoticeable)  and Addis Ababa city buses . These lions were the symbol of courage and heroism,  sadly few people do not want to them again. At this time the Lion of Judah is more celebrated out side Ethiopia than in Ethiopia. Thank you for the Ras Teferain followers Lion of Judah is more alive than ever. Here is what Obama said during the press conference     
" ...I had a chance to see the famous lions lives on the grounds I am considering  some for the White House   although  I have to make sure my dogs are safe."

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