Today Obama and his entourage will be 7 years younger

Today, July 26, 2015 Obama and his entourage will be 7 years younger. Relax they will not go under the knife and will get plastic surgery or take a miracle pill As See on TV. No, they will arrive in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and in Ethiopian Calendar it is  still 2007 . That means easily for the first time in their life they will live the past.
Behalf of all our fans: WELCOME COME TO ETHIOPIA

Little bit about Ethiopia.

Today it is 2007 (the only nation in entire Africa has its own calender)
Amharic (National Language of Ethiopia and the only African nation with its own alphabet)
Day start from 1 in the morning of 7:00AM
Lunch it at  6:00 o'clock in day time or 12:00 PM
Ethiopian Calender has 13 months. The first 12 months have 30 days the last 13th month has 5 days and every leap-year 6 days
September is the 1st month of Ethiopian Calendar
Sep. 11 or 12 (in leap year)  is Ethiopian New Year
January 7 is Ethiopian Christmas
There is no middle and last name in Ethiopia naming system , but there is given name, Father's name and Grand father's name 
When a woman gets married she does NOT change her last name
more to come   


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