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Sunday, July 26, 2015

In Ethiopia when you see a rainbow it is a sign of Mary's Cincture/Belt

Each  body gesture,  sign, word usage, pitch,  eye movement  and other communication  methods may have different  meaning from place to place, some are universal  others are just local, when we  see such kind of variations we call them localization.
It is the same for rainbow  in the sky. In some places rainbow is a sign of unity ,  Good luck and greetings.  For example  if you see a rainbow  in Ethiopia's  sky we call it Yemariam Mekonen or Mary's Cincture/Belt. It is a sign of God's presence in the area but not  as others are trying to  interpreting. That is a wrong  interpretation. Bet way is before you put your own weak interpretation study  about  people's values, culture and tradition. Also respect their tradition is a key to be respected

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