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Friday, April 1, 2016

Ethiopia and Eritrea may not share a border anymore

The will be a permanent solution  to stop the long lasting bloody war between the two  countries rival fashion that killed almost 1 a million human life during  the worst war in modern history.  In a ceremony help in Geneva help yesterday the two countries agreed to give 10 Kilo Meter of their land to EU to lease it for 99 years. The  20 KM wide land will start from  Sudan and will  ends at Djibouti border. Under this agreement Ethiopia and Eritrea will no longer share borders . The EU will build a 100 FT wall both sides of the border to prevent illegal crossings . If any one enters to this strip of buffer land she/he will be treated as if she/he enters to EU land. But these borders will be well secured and hard to penetrate. Under the agreement EU will have a right to develop the land even to settle its citizens. Even the land is kind of rocky land but it may have reach minerals like gold and even  oil.
The new land will be called New Era its capital will be erected    near Zalambesa. Some political analyst said this is a best solution to end the border dispute between  countries but others assumed this is a new form of colonization .
The new governor of this New Era will be the grandson of Italian  Mussolini. named General  Bartoni Mussolini.
Thank you for reading our fabricated news.  This has been false Bere Wolde news. We hope you enjoyed it. April Fool. See you next year.  Share it

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