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Friday, April 1, 2016

Uder , Lypt will be banned in California starting from May 1, 2116 and replaced by houses

Uder , Lypt will be banned in California starting from May 1, 2116 and replaced by horses

The Californian Fidelity Communication reached tentative agreement with   the California Alliance for Cell phone providers and other environmental concern groups to ban ride sharing companies from operating in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Texas, New York , Boston and Washington  D.C by the end  of April 1, 2116. The most argument comes from Cell phone providers claiming ride sharing drivers and passengers are using too much band width even reserved for emergencies such as police, ambulance, firefighters and emergency dispatching system, also most law enforcement agencies are agreed for unable to reach or send their message to targeted audiences in reasonable  amount of time. They all blaming for Uder drivers for Suffocate  the network with their texting and GPS apps. The second biggest opposition comes from environmental groups calming ride sharing companies are blamed for global worming and Ozo layer depletion. The brought an easy way to fix they hug global issues . The solution/s will have three main branches. The first   proposal is to replace all Uder fleet of cars and SUVs horses and mules. They said since horses are zero emission riders it will be a wise idea to relay on Uder x and Uder A to transfer passengers between cities . Uder Black and X will be replaced by smaller horses but bigger SUVs will be replaced by Clydesdale horses.

Because of this new rumor some  investors are start investing horse treading companies. Thank you for your time. April Fool

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