The president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has died

ሮበርት ሙጋቤ  ሞተ  ተብሎ  እየተወራ ነው
እባካችሁ  ዜናውን አጣሩ
HARARE – The president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has died, Local media Zim News reports.
According to the reports, Mugabe, the longest serving president died on Thursday morning around 9:30am after been hospitalised for nearly an hour.
Mugabe was not in good health when he hosted South African president Jacob Zuma, local media reported.
Zimbabwe government controlled media houses were warned and instructed not to focus their cameras too much on Mugabe’s movements during meetings.

As seen at this week’s bi-lateral indaba indaba, cameras from the state broadcaster resolutely refused to focus on the 92 year old as he painfully and slowly staggered to a podium to give his speech.
Again, today Thursday, was same situation, cameras were fixed on the seated audience instead of focusing on Mugabe and no camera captured when he was rushed to hospital from the meeting.
The governmemnt is yet to issue official statement on his death and state owned media houses are tight-lipped untill the official statement is released.

የዜናው ምንጭ


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