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Thursday, March 13, 2014

የማሌዥያው አየር መንገድ በረራ MH 370 መጥፋት ግራ አጋባ

የማሌዥያው አየር መንገድ በረራ መጥፋት ግራ አጋባ
ያ እዚህ ታዬ ፣ እዚያ ታዬ በቃ መጥፋት ግራ አጋባ? ሲኤን ኤን (CNN),  እዚህ ቢቢሲ (BBC) እዚያ ሁሉም የተለያየ ዜና አንዳዱ አደናጋሪ፣ ሌላው ደግሞ አስገራሚ ዜና ያወራሉ እስኪ ደግሞ የኔን አዳምጡ።
የኔ ደግሞ የሚመስለኝ እንዲህ ነው። አሸባሪ የለም፣ ሌላ ሰይጣን የለም አውሮፕላኑ ብልሽት አጋጥሞት ፓይለቱ ለማሳርፍ ሲታገል ውቅያኖስ ውስጥ ችግር ያገኘው የመስለኛል። የህም ማለት አውሮፕላኑ ሞተሩ በጣም እየሰራ ባህር ውስጥ ከገባ በጣም ውስጥ ሰርስሮ ይገባል ማለት ነው። ነገር ግን አውሮፕላኑ ላይ አሸባሪዎች ቢኖሩና ፈንጂ ቢጠቀሙ ኖሮ ስብርባሪው ውቅያኖስ ላይ ተንሳፎ ይገኝ ነበር።  ቸር መመኘት ጥሩ ቢሆንም ይህ ግን በኔ ግምት የሚያዬኝ ነው። ለሁሉም ቸር ወሬ ያሰማን።
(CNN) -- It's a mystery that authorities still haven't been able to solve: Where is Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?
There were still more questions than answers Thursday as U.S. officials said investigators will start combing the Indian Ocean as they look for the missing aircraft.
Why would authorities expand their search rather than narrowing it?
New information, U.S. officials told CNN, indicates the missing airplane could have flown for several hours beyond the last transponder reading.
Malaysian authorities believe they have several "pings" from the airliner's service data system, known as ACARS, transmitted to satellites in the four to five hours after the last transponder signal, suggesting the plane flew to the Indian Ocean, a senior U.S. official told CNN. That information combined with known radar data and knowledge of fuel range leads officials to believe the plane may have made it to that ocean, which is in the opposite direction of the plane's original route.

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